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Blowing Up Bosses was born to give you the valuable information you need all year long to walk boldly in your role - CEO - So, join me on the journey to success! Enter Blowing Up Bosses, the go-to resource for all things balloon business savvy!

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Blowing Up Bosses is a trailblazing platform that’s redefining success in the balloon industry. We understand the passion and dedication balloon artists invest in mastering their craft, but we also recognized a vital missing piece – the business side of running a successful balloon décor venture.

With over a decade of experience in the balloon industry, our founder embarked on a mission to change this narrative. Blowing Up Bosses was born to empower fellow balloonists to embrace their full potential as Balloon preneurs – artists and savvy entrepreneurs.

At Blowing Up Bosses, we’re committed to equipping balloon business owners with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to turn their passion into a thriving enterprise. Our curated quarterly subscription boxes deliver invaluable resources, leadership insights, and proven business strategies honed from diverse industries.

Story Time

In 2022, I can remember attending one of my favorite balloon conferences, Ballooniversity in Athens, GA. I went to several workshops on balloon decor and workshops on the tips and tricks of decor.  I learned a couple of new things but I’ve been in the balloon industry for almost a decade and felt that I knew most of the information that was being taught. (Side note: You will never know everything. Always be a student of life and a student of your craft). 

Now that I think about it, it’s not that I felt I knew most of the information it’s that my mindset had changed. I was now looking at my balloon decor business as…… well, what it is, a full thriving successful business and not a hobby. So I was hungry to learn about the business side of balloon decor. With that said I was excited to attend a class that Ballooniversity offered on sales. The class was facilitated by the owner of one of the largest balloon retail stores in the country. 

There I was sitting in the class with my notebook, pen, and highlighter ready to soak up every piece of information she was offering. Although I did receive some very valuable gems, I didn’t receive everything she wanted to give because we had many storytellers in the room that went on and on and on.  I’m pretty sure we all have experienced this before.

Oh well….. but I did have a chance to speak with the facilitator at a later time because remember, I was hungry for knowledge and I felt if I could just have one conversation with her it would be a turning point for me. I did pick her brain on a few things and she was amazing. My last statement to her was, “Ballooniversity is awesome!  I just wish there was a conference about the business side of balloon decor.  Maybe they can do two separate tracks. One track that’s all about the decor and one track that’s all about the business.” I even tried to motivate her to start something (LOL). After hearing her say that’s a great idea I knew the balloon industry needed something to fill that void. After Ballooniversity, I put that idea in my back pocket, returned home, and continued providing extraordinary balloon decor for my customers. But I couldn’t shake the idea. In every balloon group, I was in on social media, I saw questions regarding the business side of balloon decor.

In January 2023 I attended this mind-blowing conference for entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA called TSP Game Plan.  I learned so much and from here I knew the balloon world was behind on the business side of our industry. My thought was, as balloon artists we are always known as the balloon lady, the balloon guy, or the person that’s going to transform the room. But do we look at ourselves as the bosses of our business or let’s be real and call us what we are the CEO of (your balloon company name) and not just the balloon lady (guy)?

We are not just doing our side hustle anymore. We are running a profitable business and as the CEO we should treat it as such. So being the boss that I am, I created a platform that could help other balloon entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and embrace their inner CEO.

Blowing Up Bosses is an all-in-one business solution for entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their game.  Each month, subscribers receive a fantastic box of goodies that help increase productivity, organization, motivation, and of course, profits! Think of it as a little gift from your future successful self!